Your Care Teams

At Innovare, our Patients are special. Our Clinicians and Care Teams care about your health, but also about your family, your work, your pet, and your favorite sports team. We spend the time to get to know you to better care for your health.

Our Care Teams are professional, well-trained, skilled practitioners and administrators. We select team members who are genuine, patient, kind, and cheerful. We are problem solvers. We like to work together, and love to come to work to take care of you. We stay late, come in early, and check on you after appointments and procedures. We follow you to the hospital, to a specialist office, and back home again.

We have been known to quietly drop by a Patient home for a hug after a disappointing lab result, or bring one of our handmade quilts to a Patient’s door in time for the holidays. We sit with worried mothers confused about grandmother’s medications to sort out pills. We celebrate milestone birthdays right in our office, and even send our Complex Care nurse to your home for personalized care.

We hug, we laugh, and we work really hard to help you achieve the healthiest life possible.

Ask anyone … we care about you. We know you. We want you to become and remain healthy and energetic for life.